Support Omaha Starbucks Workers

Take Action to Defend IWW Baristas in Omaha!
Since Starbucks baristas at the 15th and Douglas store in Omaha
announced their membership in the IWW one month ago, Starbucks has unleashed
an aggressive union busting campaign on the workers with a particularly
extreme effort to intimidate and threaten FW Tyler Swain. In response to
this, all members of the Omaha SWU have voted unanimously to send out an
appeal for solidarity to the broader IWW and labor movement. Please show
Starbucks that an injury to one is an injury to all by taking the following
1. Call Partner Resources Representative Shari Rugi, (314)607-4180
Shari Rugi is coordinating a campaign of intimidation and harassment against
union members at the 15th and Douglas Starbucks. This intimidation has
included fabrication of sexual harassment allegations and interrogation of
union members at the store over these accusations concocted by management.
Furthermore, Shari Rugi as directed the store manager at 15th and Douglas,
Missy Kemp, to tighten policy and increase disciplinary actions against
workers, in particular against FW Tyler Swain. Rugi has forced Store Manager
Missy Kemp to write up FW Tyler Swain twice since going public for alleged
violations of policy, contriving allegations of insubordination, and
illegally tightening the time and attendance policy. weeks after these
alleged violations have occurred. Union members at the 15th and Douglas
location have, on multiple occasions, overheard conversations taking place
between the store manager, Missy Kemp, and the partner resource manager,
Shari Rugi, in which she has insisted FW Swain be written up for these
alleged infractions, regardless of the store managers opinion of the events.
It's time to let Shari Rugi know that we as an organization will not
tolerate the unfair and discriminatory treatment of public union members,
and that we, as a global organization are well aware of her actions.
2. Call District Manager Jennifer Rojas, (402)319-2760
The District Manager has repeatedly disrespected workers in her area. Based
upon this level of disrespect, the final demand in the letter presented to
management, including the 15th and Douglas store manager Missy Kemp,
district manager Jennifer Rojas, and Regional Director of Operations Brett
Battes, was a request that Jennifer Rojas resign from her position. A month
after the delivery no mention of this demand has been made, despite targeted
attempts to separate public union members from the company. It's time to let
Jennifer Rojas know that her disrespect to workers in her area does not go
unnoticed, and that she needs to be working for noticeable improvements in
the working environment she oversees or resign immediately. Specific demands
are: the immediate back pay of wages owed to FW Samantha Cole which were
promised to her the morning of August 6th in a phone conversation that took
place between Jennifer Rojas and Samantha Cole, an open and cooperative
dialogue between levels of management and the Starbucks Workers Union, an
open environment for members of the union to organize without fear of
retaliation, and an increased effort to put into place the district wide 20
percent wage increase that the union is fighting for.
3. Send Letters of Support to the 15th and Douglas Store
We humbly request all union members to send letters directly to the 15th and
Douglas store (222 S. 15th St. Omaha Ne. 68102) addressed specifically to
The Barista's of the Starbucks Workers Union, as well as a separate letter,
jointly addressed to both our Store Manager, Missy Kemp, and our District
Manager, Jennifer Rojas. These letters should express support for the public
campaign as well as public members in the store, as we fight for improved
working conditions that include more reliable scheduling, a safer work
environment and better compensation.
It would also be appreciated if some attention would be given to our rights
to organize as workers, and an immediate stop to all intimidation to public
union members on the job.
Thank you for your support and solidarity. Together we will win!
in solidarity,
The Barista's of the Omaha SWU.

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