Chicago Hobohemia walking tour

Hello, friends

Hope you've all had wonderful summers!

I wanted to let you all be the first to know about my new tour, Ben Reitman's Hobohemia. 
It's a two-hour stroll down West Madison,led by yours truly as Dr. Ben Lewis Reitman, 
king of the hobos and Emma Goldman's lover.

In the early 20th century, Chicago was a major railway hub, and the Main Stem Wells to 
Ashland on Madisonwas home to anywhere from 30,000 to 75,000 transient men. Reitman 
would lead tours of the area, catering to everyone from University of Chicago 
sociologiststo the general public, visiting slave markets (employment agencies), 
flophouses, saloons, soup kitchens, and missions.

Together we'll follow his path, stopping at sites including the Rufus Dawes Hotel 
(a model hotel for transients, funded by Calvin Coolidge's Vice President),
Bum Park, the Hobo College, the Proletarian bookstore, and 
the Industrial Workers of the World Headquarters.
We'll learn the Hobo Code, the best way to make Mulligan Stew, how to de-louse one?s duds, 
the secret of the Big Rock Candy Mountain and we'll be
visited by some real-life hobos, buskers, and radicals, too.

Regular tours are happening on two Sundays, October 10 and October 17, both from 3-5pm. 
On Tuesday, October 19th, in partnership with INCUBATE, we'll have a
special evening tour from 7-9pm, complete with a magic lantern lecture at threewalls, 
a neighborhood art gallery. All tours meet at the SW corner of Madison and Halsted,
and all are accompanied by Jamie Albert, fabulous musician. All tours are free or 
pay-what-you-can, and everyone is welcome.

Reserve your spot today by replying to this email or calling 425 241 8881.

Hope to see you all in October! Thanks again for supporting Pocket Guide to Hell.

Take care, Paul

P.S. If you use Facebook, friend "Ben Reitman" to see some great tour photos!

social justice, labor history, peanuts
PAUL DURICA, owner & proprietor

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