Urgent: Call in to defend Omaha IWW Members

As of 12/30 SWU Barista and Organizer Tyler Swain has been suspended with pay from Starbucks Coffee Company. We believe over the last 5 months, since the Nebraska SWU went public with it’s organizing campaign, Starbucks corporate has been aggressively working to terminate FW Swain’s employment with the company because of his union activity.

During this period of time Fellow Worker Swain has been written up 6 times for trumped up charges ranging from cash handling violations to insubordination. Starbucks has also attempted and failed to drum up various ethics allegations against FW Swain, alleging that he has been sexually involved with other workers, and attempting to pressure workers into coming forward on made-up sexual harassment allegations. All of these attempts to fire FW Swain to this point have failed, because they are unjust and untrue.

Now however, a new manager has been placed at his store, as well as a new District Manager in charge of his area, and they are no doubt trying to earn points in their new positions by ridding the company of FW Swain.

Please call District Manager Heather West at (402) 321-3611 Begining at 9:00 am CST and voice your support for the workers of the Nebraska SWU. Be polite but firm.

“Hello, my name is , and I’m calling to express concern over the way Scott Creed has treated his workers since taking over the management position at the 15th and Douglas store. He is disrespectful to his workers, managing in an atmosphere of fear, rather than support and open dialogue. Workers deserve a respectful and safe environment to work, these are the aims of the Nebraska SWU, and I support their cause.”

Thank you for your support. Together we will win!

in solidarity,
IWW Starbucks Workers Union


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