Call Rob and Jason to Demand Justice for Alyssa, Sick Day Negotiations

The Jimmy John’s Workers Union is in an ongoing struggle to get paid sick days and justice at work. Last Thursday the owner, Rob Mulligan sat down to talk with workers and told them that workers should not be disciplined for calling in sick. The NEXT day newly public union member Alyssa Rodewald was fired for calling in sick b/c she supposedly wasn’t sick. She was sick.

Call Rob now: 612-817-9016

And Jason too, the district ma…nager who fired Alyssa: (612) 636-1454

Tell them it is time to negotiate on paid sick days and to give Alyssa her job back. It is disgusting to fire people for calling in sick and it is time to ensure that this never happens again. Get in touch with the union to negotiate by this Sunday at 2pm or we will plaster the town with sick day posters.

Focus calls between 11-2pm if possible but call anytime 2day!

Call now!

Also, if you want to help postering please come to 1916 15th Ave S this Sunday at 4:30pm to help us put up thousands of posters all around Minneapolis and St. Louis Park.


The Jimmy John’s Workers Union


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