Sunday, Occupy Chicago, South Side Rooftop Reverend Encamp

Sunday 12/4

Occupy Chicago’s Overnight Occupation with Pastor Corey Brooks

New Beginnings Church of Chicago, 6620 S. King Drive



Occupy Chicago, South Side Rooftop Reverend Encamp to End Community Violence and Improve Lives of the 99%

Chicago 12/2 – Sunday, Occupy Chicago will unite with Pastor Corey Brooks’ one-man Occupation to promote community improvement and halt violence in the Woodlawn and Englewood neighborhoods.


Brooks has said he began camping because he has buried too many teenagers.

“I am here because I can no longer sit on my apathy and continue to watch our young men and women gunned down, victims of violence and their families being left with grief, heartache and disappointments. We have an opportunity to change a community by creating jobs and saving the lives of many young children and teens by acquiring and developing this abandoned motel right across the street from my church,” Brooks said on his website.

This Sunday, Occupy Chicago, along with Occupy the South Side and Occupy The Hood Chicago, will hold a General Assembly at Pastor Brooks’ occupied hotel at 66th and King Dr. across from New Beginnings Church of Chicago, at 7pm. Later, they will join the Brooks and encamp with tents overnight. Previously, over 300 Occupy Chicago supporters have been arrested for attempting to establish their own community encampment and have been denied permanent public space by “Mayor 1%” Emanuel.

“”Mayor 1%” Emanuel has said he supports Brooks’ actions. What Rahm doesn’t realize is his and his predecessors’ budget cuts and defunding of schools and social services have destroyed Chicago’s neighborhoods. If Rahm really wants to support Brooks, he should start by actually representing the 99%’s needs with a more equitable budget,” said Carter Faillan, a participant in Occupy Chicago.

Pastor Brooks is raising money to purchase the vacant hotel through Project HOOD and with neighborhood help, rehabilitate it in to a community and economic development center.

“At Occupations across Chicago, we are all working to improve life for the 99%. We are sick of politicians taking advantage of our votes and then ignoring our community needs. We will be the change we wish to see. We will take back our neighborhoods and occupy spaces like Pastor Brooks, turning them in to community centers, not bank-owned empty eyesores. We will take our country back one building at a time,” said Loren Taylor of Occupy the Hood Chicago.


For more information on Pastor Brooks, see

For more information on Occupy Chicago’s Overnight Encampment, see


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