Ctu/iww iu 620 picket and march

Greetings Fellow Workers

Join educators, parents and students as we rally and march for education justice. The Chicago Teachers Union is leading a fight against Rahm Emmanuel and his billionaire appointed board of education. We are fighting for a school environment that supports learning, necessary resources such as air conditioning in every classroom, computer classes which teach skills necessary for college and future jobs, health education, in-school libraries, and social workers to provide essential


We are struggling to end educational segregation, where wealthy students receive enriching curriculum and opportunities while immigrant, Latino, and African American students are denied the same treatment.

We are standing against privatization of public schools and million dollar education companies such as UNO Schools. CPS has handed out millions of dollars to private companies, such as Hyatt Hotels that recently received 5.6 million that was meant for public school. They are bankrupting education. While allowing schools to fall apart, they use this as an excuse to hand it off to for profit schools. This self made crisis ends now

Date: 9/7/2012
Time: 3:45 pm
Location: John Spry School, 2400 S. Marshall

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