Fire the board of education

Join us as we march in solidarity with the CTU, Chicago educators, parents, students and workers. The situation in public education as it stands is intolerable and is only getting worse.
Date: September 10th
Time: 1:45 rally, 2:15 march
Location: 18th and halsted

The carefully planned attacks by the billionaire club of the board of education to deskill, and privatize our education system have resulted in the avalanche of attacks we face on a daily basis. Massive budget cutbacks, the 5th largest class sizes in the country, media vilification, testing mania, school shut downs and ch

arter school expansion, destruction of tenure and seniority, packaged curriculum, and on and on.Both Republicans and Democrats serve this agenda, and while so called “education reformers” maintain an education system that reflects racial segregation of the early 1900’s. The rich receive one kind of education that prepares their youth for the future, while immigrant, African American and Latino students receive another. Educational Segregation ends now!Make no mistake. We must choose between watching the promise of our children silenced or joining a massive resurgence to fight against these attacks and for a transformed educational system worth fighting for. One that delivers quality education for all. And that choice is upon us.

Chicago educators are striking to change the direction of education. Currently, only one of the seven mayoral appointed board members has been a teacher or a degree in education. So what are the president of Hyatt hotels, former vice executive presidents of excelon, marketing directors and bankers doing running education? They are running it into the ground. They are diverting public funds to private businesses, such as Hyatt receiving 5.6 million meant for schools and using it to build luxury hotels. After they spend public money, the board and mayor claim there’s a crisis and that schools are broke. Instead of working with the CTU, they decide to spend 26 million for “contingency holding sites” instead of investing that money into education.

This struggle is of crucial importance, signaling the fate of teachers for the country as a whole. Chicago is home to the third largest teacher’s union in the country and a President of the United States seeking reelection this fall. Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s ruthless Mayor who is out to destroy the union, is Obama’s former Chief of Staff.

So what’s the alternative? It’s time to fire the board of education. They have not met any qualifications to be involved in education. They have no classroom experience and don’t even know what it looks like in a Chicago class room. The 100 degree classes because there is no AC, 38 kids in elementary classes, 165 of 650 school without libraries and the precarity of growing up in the most violent city in the U.S.
So who should run education? The simplest and most logical response is educators and those involved in the education process. Teachers, parents, custodians, and students. People that know how to provide, those who want their children to have mentors and a quality education. Chicago Board of Education, clean out your desks, you are fired.


4 thoughts on “Fire the board of education

  1. Good leaflet but I would have made one little change: I would have include working class “white” kinds as among those getting the short end of the stick in education. The leaflet implies that those kids get the same education as the bosses’ kids. Aint’t so.

    Anyway, being a wage-slave myself I’m not able to take Monday off to join the contingent. If I was on the job longer I would take the day but I’ve only been their 10 months so don’t want to risk it.

  2. Could you expand on how Hyatt ended up with all that public school money? I’m reposting on Facebook and people want documentation to some of these claims. Links to articles would be nice so we can back you up on these issues while we try to show solidarity.

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