Picket Picnic Street Party

Picket Picnic Street Party


2439 South Oakley Avenue Chicago, IL 60608

It’s been a long week but we are still going strong. Get out your dancing shoes, bring an instrument, throw food on the fire and Join us for a Picket Picnic at Alderman Solis’s office. Solis was one of the original founders of UNO Charter schools which generally have lower test scores than the existing neighborhood schools, have no local school council, and have no collective bargaining with their teachers. He has pushed other wards to change zoning laws in favor of Charter construction and supportive of

Cristro Rey’s attempt to bulldoze Whittier’s field house (La Casita) which was used for a community library. http://www.saveourcenter.com/

Friday 14th
11:00am-1:00+ (if the strike is still going)*
If we are kicked out of the streets we will move to nearby Park (Baraga Playlot Park)

*If the strike is called off this week, we will still have street party, the time will be bumped up to 4:30pm.

A Picket Picnic/ Street Pary

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