Report Back: January GMB Social Event, the “New Years Weekend After Party”

Happy 2015!

On January 10th the Chicago Branch of the IWW rang in the new year with a social event and fundraiser party dubbed the “New Years Weekend After Party”.

We had a great time listening to live music from branch member and DJ, Doug, drinking delicious home brewed cider from the Anarchist Brewing Collective, making new friends, having conversations with old comrades, and partying the night away.

We are proud to announce that we raised over $100 during the event. We also want to send a warm welcome to all the new members who signed up at the event and say thank you to all those could not attend but who still sent along donations to fund current and future branch organizing projects.

I hope you all had fun, I know I did!

Be sure to join us next month at the Chicago IWW GMB’s February Social Event, the “Valentine’s Day Dinner”, on Saturday Febuary 7th, at 5:00pm at our Branch Office at 1700 s Loomis.


Drinks are ready to pour and the table is filled with snacks


Old Comrades and New Friends


DJ Doug ready to play amazing Rock n Roll, R&B, and Rockabilly all night long


One of our Newest members getting their first Red Card


Post-New Year’s Count Down Selfie 😉

In Solidarity,



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