WTF is the IWW? & How Do You Hold a Good Meeting?


Are you interested in organizing your workplace, building working class consciousness and power, and fighting for a world without bosses?

Are you sick of disorganized, unproductive, and inconsistent meetings?

Do you want to learn how to hold meetings which are shorter, democratic, and more productive?

Do you want to learn more about the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and how to get involved?

Join the Chicago Branch of the IWW on Saturday March 14th for an interactive workshop which will begin at 12:00pm and last approximately three hours. The workshop will be held at the Chicago IWW’s Office at 1700 s Loomis. Light refreshments will be served.

This workshop will provide an introduction to:

    • Capitalism, class relations, and the importance of workplace organizing
    • The IWW and its vision, strategy, structure, and current campaigns
    • The importance of good meeting procedure, how to facilitate a meeting, how to take meeting minutes, how to write a good proposal, and the building blocks of Rusty’s Rules of Order

The workshop will conclude with an open Q & A.

All workers are welcome!

There will be no charge to attend this workshop, but donations are always welcome.

Workshop hosted by the Chicago IWW

RSVP to Facebook event here:


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