Announcing the Chicago IWW March Social Event: Movie Night Double Feature – Lucio and Union Maids – Saturday, March 28 at 6:00pm

Join the Chicago Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World Saturday, March 28, to watch the movies “Lucio” and “Union Maids” at the Chicago Branch office at 1700 S Loomis.

Facebook Event:

Lucio- 2007
“Lucio Urtubia dedicated anarchist participated in notorious kidnappings, he collaborated with Che Guevara, he swindled Citibank of 3,000 million pesetas. And did it all without missing a day’s work as a building laborer.”

Union Maids- 1976
“Union Maids is a 1976 American documentary film directed by Jim Klein, Julia Reichert and Miles Mogulescu. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. This is the story of three women who were part of the rank and file labor movement during the tumultuous 1930’s. Their lives were like many other young working women, but all three rose to the demands of their time and became militant organizers for their class.”

Any and all people interested are welcome to attend. If you are a new or perspective member, come and learn about the union and meet local members in a casual and open environment.

Come get to know us!


Lucio- 6pm start time

Union Maids- 8pm start time

Feel free to arrive early to chat or pay dues. If you cannot stay to see both films, you can be here for either one.

Stick around after the movie ends for a social evening with much merriment to be had!


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